To add a new user, click "+New User" at top right of the Users Overview page, or the + button next to the word "Overview" on the left menu.

When adding a user, you enter their first and last names, email address, password, profile(s), group(s), and/or digests. 

Checking the "Notify App Manager Upon Initial Login" box will send the primary app admin an email when that user first logs in to the app.


  • You can manually enter their password, or choose the "randomize password" option.
  • If you choose "randomize password," the "email credentials" option will automatically be selected, and the user will be sent an email with their password and any instructions included in the field below.
  • You can choose to email their credentials when manually entering their password, as well.
  • You can customize the message that's sent to the user by editing the text in the field; that message will only be sent to that user and edits will not be saved for future use.
  • If you want to edit the default text that appears, contact your StorySlab rep.

Content Profiles:

  • The user’s profile controls which content is visible to them in the app. 
  • They can be assigned to as many profiles as necessary.


  • User groups are optional and only used for analytics filtering or communication.
  • They can be assigned to as many groups as necessary.

Content Digests:

  • If you have set up Content Digests in the Communication area of the CMS Dashboard, you can choose which Digest message this user will be sent (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).