StorySlab supports three types of communication with app users: In- App Alerts, Email Messages, and Content Notifications. All three types are managed in the Communication area of the Dashboard on the left under App Management. 

In-App Alerts appear in the app to users. 

Enter the title and message text in the appropriate fields. 

In-App Alerts run for a set length of time. Choose the start and end times from the menus. 

Set who receives the message by using “Which profiles/groups/users should this message be sent to?” area. Each area can be used by itself or in combination to create specialized lists of users. 

• To send the message, click the “Post Message to XX Users” button. The number of users shown will dynamically change to the number of users selected. 

• New users will not automatically get any messages and will have to be manually added via the Edit Message screen to see existing messages.