StorySlab supports three types of communication with app users: In- App Alerts, Email Messages, and Content Digests. All three types are managed in the Communication area of the Dashboard on the left under App Management. 

Content Digests are a very easy way to enroll your team in email reminders about the recent actions and updates to your content. The StorySlab system automatically curates the content and sends the emails on your behalf based on each individual user. The content digest email is personalized to the user, based on their log-in and sync behaviors. NOTE: because it's based on log-ins and synchronization, users that only use the website version of an app will not get a Content Digest. 

For Content Digests, choose the time period for which you want the messages to be set (daily, weelky or monthly). All other message contents will be added dynamically.

Content Digest messages are sent via email to the users' email addresses registered with StorySlab.

  • Set who receives the message by using “Which profiles/groups/users should this message be sent to?” area. Each area can be used by itself or in combination to create specialized lists of users. 

  • To send the message, click the “Post Message to XX Users” button. The number of users shown will dynamically change to the number of users selected. 

  • New users will automatically be set to the weekly digest as the new user is created. You can make changes to the new user as you add them or later via the listed methods above.