All content is organized into categories, such as sell sheets, videos, or images.  When uploading a piece of content, choose the content category in which it should appear. A content category allows your app users to be mindful of the type of document they are opening – if you have videos, prices and brochures, this how you can differentiate in which category the files belong.  All content must have a category or it will not appear in the app.  The category for any content item can be edited at any time.

For App Administrators:

To manage the categories for content items, click Content Management>Content Categories. Each category has its own thumbnail, and can have a short description (just as with a List Item). To add a new category, click +New Category under Content Categories. To edit the name or thumbnail of a category, click “Edit” on that item. To adjust the order of content

categories, drag and drop them into the desired sort order, then click “Save List Ordering.” Please note that the order of content categories is universal throughout the application and will follow the order noted on this page.

Content categories will only display in the app if content is associated to them (for example, if there are no videos for a list item, then the Videos category will not appear for that item).