The “List Item” list in the Dashboard shows all items in the “List” view in the app. These list items serve a navigational purpose for users to locate content files within the application. To better learn about how to associate content files with list items, please read the Content Files article. This article will be primarily focusing on how to create new list items in the application.

New List Items:

To create a new list item for example, when adding a new product), click "List Items" in the Content Management section of the CMS and then "+New List Item" which is located in the upper-right corner of the CMS. 

Item Name:

Enter the name of the list item in the this field.  The item name field can accommodate up to sixty six characters before truncating but do note that the text will become smaller as more characters are added.

Item Short Description:

Enter a description of the product in the “Item Short Description” field (optional).

Item Thumbnail Image (Recommended):

Select an image file from your computer to act as the thumbnail for this list item. The required dimensions for this thumbnail image are 120x120px and it is recommended that this image be a transparent PNG file.

Item Background Image (Recommended):

Select an image file that you would like the user to see as the background of the application when they open the list item. The required dimensions of this background image is 2048x1310px.

Where Should This Item Go:

Choose where in the List the item belongs by clicking the appropriate circle. This can be changed later by editing the List Item. All content will remain with the List Item, even if it moves around in the app's hierarchy. Please note that list items can only exist in columns with other list items and cannot be placed in columns that contain categories or content files. If you do not see the circle icon where you would like to place the list item, it is likely that there are already content files in this location. These content files would need to be unassociated with the applicable list item in order for the circle icon to appear. If you do not place the list item within the hierarchy, it will be considered hidden and is therefore not visible to users.

Which Diagram Areas Should This Appear On (Optional):

List items can be associated with Diagram Labels by checking off the appropriate box. Please review the Diagram Labels article for more information on this feature.

Which User Profiles Should This Appear On:

Choose which profile(s) the list item should be visible on, if applicable. (It must appear in at least one profile to appear in the app.) For more information on managing users and profiles, see the Profile Management article.

Which Tags Apply To This Product:

This is an optional feature that must be enabled by your StorySlab Customer Success Manager for specific app features. For more information, email

Once the above fields have been completed, select the "Save" option to save the changes you made to the list item. Users will see these changes the next time they synchronize their application.