The Diagram Labels tab is representative of what you will see in the app when in the diagram view, as opposed to the List View, which is strictly hierarchical.

Clicking on the view/sort icon next to a Diagram Label will show all List Items placed into that area on the diagram.

To reorganize the order List Items appear under any Diagram Label, simply drag and drop them into the order you desire, then click “Save List Ordering.” (Top level only; any other hierarchy levels that appear are controlled via the main List order.)

If your application has the Multi-language feature enabled, the Diagram Label page is also where the text associated with a Diagram Label can be edited. To edit this text, select the edit icon next to the view/sort icon on the Diagram Label page. You will then see the following options:

  • Touchpoint Name: This text is not editable by application admins and is only used for referential purposes in the CMS. Touchpoint names allow English speaking admins easily reference the English translation of a touchpoint/Diagram Label when other languages are being viewed in the CMS. If you would like the Touchpoint Name changed, please contact your StorySlab representative.
  • Navigation Title: When users access a touchpoint that produces a list of list items on a Phone device, the Navigation Title will be visible at the top of the Phone app. This is the only instance where the Navigation Title will be visible so consider this title to be non-applicable if your application is not built for a Phone.
  • Button Text: When users look at a diagram label on the application's diagram screen, the text they see is the button text. Changing this text will automatically update the application to display this text. It is important to keep in mind that each application has a character limit to their diagram labels. If you are unsure what your application's character limit is, please contact a StorySlab representative.