To view data on overall app usage, click on “Overall Analytics” under Analytics on the left.

You will see some common visualizations defined below: 

The line chart shows the total number of sessions, both connected and disconnected, for the past six months, by month. By clicking any of the months names under the line chart you will navigate to data specific to that monthAdjust the “Months to Show” dropdown menu to show fewer months.

The bar charts show the top five List Items, Content Files, File Shares and Categories for the past six months.

Clicking on the name of a month shows daily session stats, as well as the top files and products for that month.

Click on the Usage headers to see complete lists of all accessed list items, files, etc.

Clicking on Usage headers within a month will display the full list of accessed items for that month.

Any analytics page can be printed and any detail page can be exported (saved as a CSV file) by clicking the print and save icons in upper left.

Analytics can be filtered by both profiles and groups using the "Filter Analytics" option in the upper-right corner of the page. More information on how to setup profiles and groups can be located in the applicable pages.