For app Administrators:

Whenever one of your users distributes content files to external recipients via the Share+ feature, the data from this is stored in the Share+ Views analytics page. To access this data, first click on the "Share+ Bundles" text located in the Analytics section of the application. The resulting page will look like the below image:

Gaining Additional Information About Bundles Shared: By tapping on the rows of any of the bundles included on this page, you will gain further insights on when the bundle was shared,  when it was viewed, and who viewed it. In some situations, you may notice that the viewer and the recipient are not the same individual. The recipient will be the individual that the bundle was initially shared with. The viewer is anyone who has viewed the bundle. If the viewer is not the same individual as the recipient, then the recipient likely passed the bundle to another individual who then viewed the bundle.

Exporting Share+ Bundle Data: Then you can either export share+ file views or Share+ bundle views. Share+ file views will inform you of which individual content files were accessed by recipients while Share+ bundle views will inform you of which sender's bundle was shared, the number of files accessed in the bundle, and the total number of files in the bundle.

Note: Analytics can only be captured if a recipient accessed a file within the Share+ bundle. If the recipient does not access a file within the bundle, the recipient's name will be listed as "null" in the analytics output.