Language filters allow users to decide if they would like to filter out specific languages, so those files are not visible on their device. 


When this feature is enabled, the edit content file page in your Content Management System (CMS) will have a new option to select language(s).

If you are not seeing languages in this menu, contact StorySlab support to enable this add-on feature.

Once enabled with the first language(s), if new languages options should be added to the application/CMS, please contact StorySlab support and we will then add the additional language(s) to the application/CMS at no additional cost.

When the language filter feature is added, users will see a new icon in their application that will allow them to deselect languages, which will hide associated content files when deselected. This icon may be in the lower right, or under the StorySlab menu, depending on the device. Please note that deselecting a language will only hide the associated content files and not delete these files. To reduce non-applicable content files, it is recommended to use profiles. Also note that all users will see all language options on their application regardless of their associated profile.

StorySlab recommends not including "English" as a language in the filter options in the app. This is especially recommended if a majority of the application's users speak English and a majority of the content files are in English. This means that users will always see English content files, regardless of their language settings, which will ensure that these users have at least some content files visible at all times and that app admins can spend less time associating content files with languages in the CMS.