"My Personal Files" is a part of the MyFiles feature that is available for iOS tablet and Windows devices. If your application is not natively built for iOS tablet or Windows devices (cannot access sales app content while offline on a Windows device), this feature is not yet available for your sales app. 

If you do have a sales app natively built for iOS/Windows tablet, begin by looking for the heart icon located in your sales app in upper-right corner of iOS devices and the lower-right corner of Windows devices.  If you do not see this option, then this feature has been disabled by your app admin.

When you launch MyFiles, it will open to a "Welcome" screen. If your app supports Personal Files, you will see an email address above the Welcome text, and an arrow pointing at a briefcase icon and label that reads "My Personal Files". If you do not see this option, then this feature has been disabled by your app admin. 

My Personal Files can be loaded into your application by copying the email address on the main MyFiles screen. Simply tap the "paper" icon directly to the right of the email address to copy it.

Next, send an email to this email address and attach the file you want to add to the app. The app supports a wide variety of files, such as JPG and PNG images, MP4 videos, and PDFs; we recommend saving all presentations and other documents as PDF for the best experience when viewing and sharing, as this enables our PDF annotation feature.

Once the file has been emailed, you should receive a confirmation email. This email will let you know you if the file was able to be uploaded into the application.

Once you receive the confirmation email, the file will be available to the app. If you don't see it within the My Personal Files section of MyFiles, check to ensure your device is connected to the internet, then tap the button at the bottom that reads "Don't see what you're looking for? Tap here to check for updates." Close MyFiles, and look at the StorySlab logo in the bottom right corner of your app. When your app has finished updating, there will be a green check mark on the StorySlab logo. Re-open MyFiles; your file should now be listed.