These instructions are only applicable to applications that must be sideloaded to the applicable Windows devices, typically at the request of an IT Department. If you are unsure if your IT Department requires sideloading, please speak with a StorySlab representative for confirmation. That said, if your sales application already installed, and this application was installed via the Microsoft Store, then sideloading is not required. If you are certain that your application must be downloaded via sideloading, then please follow the instructions below.

The sideloading process begins with a StorySlab representative providing you with a zip file containing your sales application. Once this zip file is received, download it so that it appears in your downloads folder. Then click on the downloaded application and select "Compressed Folder Tools," located at the top of your Windows File Explorer, and then "Extract All". 

Select the downloads folder as the destination of this extraction. Once this is done, you should see a folder with an identical name as the zip file. Open this folder.

Before we go forward, at this point it would be worthwhile to ensure that Sideloading is enabled on your device. To perform this verification, please type "developer" in the Windows search bar and select "Developer Settings". Once this is opened, you should see the "Sideload apps" option enabled. If another option is selected, please change the selection to "Sideload apps".

Once you have ensured that sideloading is enabled, please type "Powershell" in the same search bar that you typed "developer" and you should then see an option that states "Windows PowerShell". Select this option and then you should see a blue screen with text on it that should state something similar to "PS C:\Users\mimsu>". The actual text may vary depending on your device. Next to this text, type the following "Add-AppxPackage". The next step will be to open the folder you extracted from the original zip file provided to you by the StorySlab representative.

Within the folder you opened, you should find a file that is labeled as an "APPXBUNDLE File" under the Type column. This file should then be dragged and dropped next to the "Add-AppxPackage" text you typed in the Windows PowerShell software. 

If this was done correctly, you should now see a long string of text containing the file's information. If this appears, press the enter key and the Windows PowerShell should be begin processing the installation. Once this processing has completed, your new application should be ready to be accessed in your device's start menu.