Sessiontagger puts your session data to use! 

Sessiontagger works by combining user session data and the content they've interacted with during any use of their app. Sessiontagger allows reps to easily see what files they viewed while presenting to which customers, along with adding any notes about that session, and then upload that data to your CRM for future review and analysis.

When turned on, after they use their StorySlab sales app, users will receive an email with a link to 'Sessions' of content. 

Users must click the link at least once in order to opt-in to Sessiontagger reporting.

From their landing page, users will denote whether it was a public-facing session, who it was with, and any additional notes. Users are also be able to mark sessions as preparation for upcoming meetings.

All data captured by Sessiontagger is also synchronized if you have a CRM integration set up with StorySlab. Now your sales representative's notes are highly automated.