Your StorySlab content, once loaded, can be easily cross-referenced and “added” to many areas inside your app. For example, you have a general corporate overview brochure which is relevant to several of your products. You will load that brochure once, and then can associate it to many Product lists in your content structure. 


To make this easy and fast, we have an interface that gives you 3 ways to find your existing files and add them to new areas of your app. Please reference the screenshots below. 

Navigate to the content area you want to add existing files. In the example above, we are adding files to “Life Sciences”. You have several options for finding the existing files.


  1. Use Search option: Look for keywords to help you find the files you want to associate. 

  2. Use optional dropdowns to sort: These dropdowns can let you quickly select by relevant content category and content profile you are interested in associating. 

  3. Use optional checkboxes: You can select many documents at once to include in your new association. 

  4. Finally, click “add”: Click the blinking “Add X Files” button. Note: “X” will be a real count of how many files you are about to associate. This will commit your new association changes. 


Once the files are added, you have now associated those files to an additional area in your app. They will appear there at the next sync for your end-users.