StorySlab has several ways to communicate to your users. One is the Content Digest, an automated communications email cadence that informs your users about updates to content. 

It's a highly personalized message based on the users login and syncing activity, sending them only the information relevant specifically to them. It is a great way to communicate to users the value of the content in your App and gently remind them to synchronize regularly. It's a great way to get traction with your team using your App. 

By Default, new users created in your StorySlab account will be enrolled in the "Weekly" Digest. At the time of user creation you can choose to enroll the user in a different cadence or unenroll them. After users are created, you can easily change or remove a user's content digest settings. 

For details on setting up your user's content digests see this detailed article:

See an example Content Digest below: