StorySlab provides you with an extensive set of analytics reports to understand the actions and behaviors of your users and your content (both the content files and the list areas your users navigated to access content). 

Their are some key features to all of your StorySlab analytics: 

Sessions v. Actions

Actions are the best way to understand the intensity and frequency of use inside their app. An action is tallied every time a user takes a significant action inside their app. Sessions will be going away from the StorySlab platform, but until they are fully deprecated, they tally when users start and end sessions. (NOTE: Names are intentionally blurred in the screenshot)

Downloading a CSV

When browsing through the CMS Dashboard for administrators, you can often find a "Save" icon at the tope fo the various analytics pages. This icon will initiate a download of a .CSV file for that page's analytics. With a .CSV file you now have the structured data to sort, create reports, save/archive, and to use with various other business analysis tools.


One many of the analytics pages there is a pop-out menu to filter your results monthly, by content profile, and by any analytics groups you may have created. After selecting any filters, the page will dynamically refresh and present your filtered results.

Detailed Articles about Analytics reports can be found here at these technical articles:

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