As Admins you become the most skilled at curating content for your App. Here are a list of some best practices to make your content uploads smooth and efficient. 

1. Bulk Uploading

A faster way to add similar files into your app. Look at the Multiple Files section of this article: Content Files Article You can also use a bulk way of adding existing files to new locations and lists: Existing Files Article

2. Lists & Files don't mix

Lists is the term in StorySlab for organizational layers like a "Folder." 

Files are individual pieces fo content like a .PDF brochure. 

Lists can contain additional lists (think "Subfolders") and lists can contain content files. But, Lists and Files are never peers inside a List. They don't mix. That is why you will see your options to "add" items in the Content Overview dynamically change. See the video below. 

3. Adding Keywords to improve search 

Your App will automatically find all relevant words inside a content file, in the title and display name. However, you can manually increase the relevancy of a file to certain keywords by tagging them to the file. Some best practices are around using similar file types, like the content category might be a "Video" but also adding "Movie" and "Animation" would increase the ways your team finds that content file. Also, we find that many times a specific part spec sheet might not actually reference the parent product or company name, so those tend to be good keywords to add. 

4. Content Categories List Order

Did you know, you can make Brochures always appear before Images? Or vice versa? By setting the order of the Content Categories, you are setting the order in which they appear inside your App.  See the attached video file for details

5. Display Name versus File Name

When a content file is uploaded, the StorySlab System will always use the file name to identify the content, unless you add a customized display name. Let's face it, sometimes file names are ugly ... "Corp_preso_no_animation_PPTconverted.PDF" 

Instead, use a more appealing, on-brand display name: