Want to get even more synergy with StorySlab and your other business systems? Consider integrations. In this series we talk about CRM and Session Tagger: 


The heart of a modern sales technology stack is the CRM. Knowing information about your opportunities, prospects, leads, customers, and more. StorySlab plugs right in to that ecosystem.  The last thing anyone wants to do is log meetings in CRM. Ditch the data entry and automatically sync what matters.

Sales meetings move fast. The conversations are dynamic and documenting everything presented and shared can be a challenge—if it happens at all. StorySlab syncs to your CRM to automatically log what was presented, shared, and interacted with by the customer. Sales reps will thank you for lightening the data-entry load and managers will praise you for keeping their CRM up to spec.

Our integrations support all major CRMs and we can build custom connections as needed. 

Setting up your CRM integration has some unique configurations for your app. Email: support@storyslab.com to get started.


Session-tagger works by utilizing user session data and the content they've interacted with during any use of their app.  When turned on, users will receive an email with a link to 'Sessions' of content they accessed.

From there, your sales reps will note whether it was a public-facing session, who it was with, and any additional notes. Users are also be able to mark sessions as preparation for an upcoming meeting.

All data captured by Sessiontagger is also synchronized if you have a CRM integration set up with StorySlab. Now your sales representative notes are highly automated.