Want to get even more synergy with StorySlab and your other business systems? -- Consider integrations. In this series we talk about Sync2Link: 


This feature creates linkages to the cloud and web repositories you already use and to your StorySlab content. Consider these scenarios:

" Our company has Microsoft Sharepoint. We keep all our marketing collateral in defined folders where many sales and marketing team members contribute content. Can we create synchronization for our files so that if I update it in Sharepoint it updates in StorySlab?"

Yes! StorySlab can check file repositories for changes and sync the newly updated file into your sales app. it takes some careful planning on how items are categorized and tagged into StorySlab locations, but once complete the files automatically 

"Here at Acme Company, we just built an amazing website. Our Content Management System handles all our document versions. When we make changes to content, we push them to our web CMS. Can StorySlab's files be gathered from our published site?"

Yes! We can use static URLs from many types of Web Content Management and DAM software source. 

Setting up Sync2Link is relative easy, but it's configurations and settings are unique to your app and your content sources. To get started, email us: support@storyslab.com