Share+ Bundles:

At the heart of any great sales conversation is reinforcing your presentation with collateral your prospects can review after your conversation. With StorySlab we make this sharing of content super powerful and easy with Share+. 

Share+ acts a bit like a shopping cart on e-commerce websites. Share+ allows you to easily share multiple files, including videos, directly from your sales app. Plus, you'll be notified whenever the recipient views the files. 

How to Share+

File at a time: To add a file to Share+, tap the Share+ icon while viewing the file, then tap "Add to Share+" There is a Double-Tap Shortcut: to quickly add or remove a file, double-tap the Share+ icon while view the file. 

Multiple Files: When looking at a product screen, tap the Share+icon to open the Share+ panel, then add as many files as you want by checking the box to the right of each file. 

Getting Ready to Send Share+

Tap "View List" to edit the files in the Share+ panel. Tap "Change Order" then use the line icons to drag items into your preferred order. Tap "Remove Items" then tap the trash can to delete files from the Share+ panel. 

Send your Share+ bundle

When ready to share, tap "Send" and an email will be created with a unique link to this set of files. Send will bring up your device's default email program. Enter your customer's email and customize your message. Leave pre-populated email address in the BCC field to be notified when your shared files are viewed.   Make sure to hit the Send button to send the message.

What your Prospect Sees

When your prospect opens the email, they'll see a branded microsite with the files you sent. You will get an email notifying you of which files they viewed. You'll get another notification each time they view files. 

Happy Sharing!

If you ever need assistance on Share+ Tap the icon and see a short on-screen tutorial. 

If you need more help, email: