Your App has several ways to personalize the content you access. Behind the "Heart" icon in the corner of your app are several personalization screens. 

My Personal Files (Optional -- not every app has this available)

Inside your app, you can send yourself files that might be highly personalized. Think of an electronic business card, or a slide deck with a customized introduction slide. Every App user has their own unique inbound email address to send themselves attached files. 


My Favorites

Favorites are like bookmarking a file you want to come back too often. Using the "heart" icon on any document will toggle the favorite on / off. 

My Recently Viewed

A summary of your most recently viewed content files, check here if you recall loading a file recently you want to revisit. 

My Most Accessed Files

This is a running tally of your most accessed files. It's your list, unique to your actions. 

Popular Files

This is a running tally of all the popular files on your app/company. All peer users are driving the popularity of this list. 

My Personal Files Help

This last screen gives you a refresher tutorial on how to make use of the My Personal Files feature.