Your CMS now feature Metrics instead of Analytics. Never fear, all the data you know and love from Analytics is still here, right at your fingertips, but displayed in an even more interactive way. Exporting and definitions are available by tapping the three dots on the right side (inside the half circle that comes out from the right side).

Overview page - now compares Monthly Actions to Unique Users at the top.

List Items, Content Files, Content File Shares, Content Categories - can click on each one to see a breakout by month, both on the Overview and their individual pages.

Plus, we are introducing two new metrics!

Platform Usage: This displays which versions of the app a user is logged into, and how frequently they use those versions.

Share+ Bundles: This displays information about the Share+ "bundles" (groups of files) that users are sharing - and now, you can view that information on screen, or export it, and even view the actual bundles and files by tapping the "eye" on the right.