Step 1: Create App Store account

You will need to create an Apple App Store Developer account. Unfortunately Apple requires that companies create their own accounts, we cannot submit apps on your behalf in our developer account.

To apply for an App Store account, go to the below link. You must enroll as a Company and have all the items listed by Apple to get started.

Apple charges a yearly fee to participate in their Developer program. This fee must be paid every year in order for your app to remain live. We recommend setting this up to auto-renew, but please watch for the yearly emails and ensure a valid credit card is on file with Apple in order to avoid any disruptions to your account (such as your app being removed from Apple's App Store).

Note that the person that creates the account will become the “Account Holder” and will be required to handle future interactions with Apple in terms of contract acceptance, which happens at a fairly regular basis. The Apple ID that they use to create the account should be a person’s name (not something like “webmaster”) and they should follow these protocols to ensure that they do not lose access to that account:

    • Use an email address issued and managed by the company (see above)

    • Make sure you can login at!&page=signin. This page has more stringent checks (prompting for security questions if they're set on the account) than logging into iCloud, for example.

    • Associate two (or more) modern Apple devices with the account for routine access. The new iPod Touch is a perfect backup device for folks on a budget.

    • Add two trusted phone numbers to the account for emergency access. Write a document that includes the full phone numbers and the people associated with them, then file it away somewhere safe. Apple won't tell you the numbers when you really want them.

    • You should also consider verifying an additional phone number you can access, such as a home phone, or a number used by a family member or close friend. You can use this number if you temporarily can't access your primary number or your own devices. 

Please let your StorySlab rep know with any questions and when your account is set up, so we can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Make StorySlab an admin

Please send an invite to from this page.

If you can make our account an admin we can handle everything from there.

Please also invite; this account only needs to have marketing access to our app.

Step 3 (for testing): Send StorySlab beta testers’ Apple ids so we can invite them to your App Store account 

Please provide StorySlab with the Apple IDs for any users that should be able access the app for beta testing. These IDs are the email address that the users use to log in to the App Store on their iPad or iPhone.

We will add the users to your Apple Account, and they will be sent an invite that they need to accept. They can do this on their computer or their Apple device.

Step 4 (for testing): Add users from Step 3 to TestFlight under App Store Connect Users

StorySlab will send invites to the testers from TestFlight; they must accept these invites on their Apple devices (not on their computer).