The StorySlab advanced CRM Integration for HubSpot enables sales reps and managers to easily track their client meetings and content sharing activity from within HubSpot. Since sharing activity is automated and manual data entry is eliminated, sales reps and teams can now have real-time insight into the buyer’s landscape.  

This integration allows you to:

  • Gage the effectiveness of your content
  • Gain insights into prospect’s behavioral data
  • Reduce data entry in sales workflows

Get started by asking your StorySlab representative to enable your CMS Dashboard for CRM Integrations.

Once CRM Integrations are enabled for your app, log in to HubSpot via the link below:

Then, log in to your StorySlab CMS Dashboard, and press the Integrations button (puzzle piece) at the top right.

Next, press "Manage Integrations."

In the pop-up window, press "Integrations" on the left, then HubSpot in the search bar, and press "Add" to select it from the results.

Press "Authorize" then follow any prompts.

If prompted, choose your account to connect the "StorySlab 5" App to HubSpot.

Once connected, Tap "Opportunities" under "Configurable Resources" and set up those items, pressing save when complete.

Close the pop-up window.

That's it! Now, your sales team's Share+ and, optionally, Sessiontagger data will automatically populate into your CRM for all existing leads.

Learn more about Share+

Learn more about Sessiontagger