In addition to being able to manually grant users access to your sales app via the CMS (click here for details), there are several other ways to create user accounts, while also minimizing the effort involved with this setup process:

Open Automated User Account Creation:

  • Under this method, anyone who requests access to your app by via your app's credential request form is automatically granted an account for the application. All users created via this method will be directed to one profile of your choice (ex. "external users"). The primary admin will receive an email informing them when new users are automatically given app access so admins can adjust the user's profile or access level as needed. You are limited to one default profile per application and will need to inform your StorySlab rep which profile should be your app's default.


Whitelisted Automated User Account Creation:

  • Much like the Open Automated User Account Creation noted above, users will have an account automatically created upon filling out the Request Credential form. This account will be directed to a single profile of your choice and the primary admin will be informed of the account being created. However, if you choose this method, instead of allowing access to anyone, you can limit access by the user's email domain. You will need to provide your StorySlab Customer Success Manager with a list of acceptable domains prior to enabling this account creation method. Domains can be added or removed from this list in the future, but doing so will not automatically deactivate users who already have access to the app.

Request Credential Form Driven Profile Association:

  • Much like the two methods noted above, any user who fills our the Request Credential form will be automatically granted a user account for the sales application. However, rather than being automatically associated with a default profile, the profile will instead be chosen by the user from a dropdown menu in the Request Credential  form. Profiles containing confidential information can be excluded from this list. Unlike the choices above, which are included in most StorySlab plans, there is a cost to setup this enhanced Request Credential form. Please reach out to your StorySlab rep if you would like a quote to build this enhanced form.

Single Sign On (SSO):

  • StorySlab also supports working with a variety of Single Sign On providers (Okta, Auth0, Microsoft Azure, Google, etc). Using Single Sign On allows your team full control over access to your StorySlab app from within your standard user management environment. If you choose this option, you will not have to create or remove users from within StorySlab, as that will be entirely managed within your standard user management environment. Please reach out to your StorySlab rep if you would like to discuss adding support for SSO to your StorySlab app.